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  Hannen Swaffer

         Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

Known world-wide for his books on Sherlock Holmes, it is alleged that he left a séance in Wales with the medium Evan Powell and declared “Tonight Sherlock Holmes died!” as he vowed to take forward the cause of Spiritualism, which he did to great effect until his death.   He was dubbed the St Paul of Spiritualism which may have related to the fact that he attempted to have an eighth Principle added to the Union’s Seven relating to the Leadership of Jesus.  This motion, however, failed at the SNU A.G.M in a democratic vote.  On his death he was elevated to Honorary President in Spirit of the SNU, which he is to this day. 

Doyle spoke at many Spiritualist meetings on his belief in the work and accompanied great mediums such as Estelle Roberts, who was the medium at a very large gathering in the Royal Albert Hall on 30th July 1930 when a chair was left empty for Sir Arthur.  Estelle said she could see him in the chair and gave a message to his family.

He wrote many books on the subject including the two volume History of Spiritualism.

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