This page contains links to videos on YouTube and other sites that give information about Spiritualism

   Category: Near-death Experience / End of Life Experience
  NDE of a Trial Lawyer   6m41s   Very strong message for Spiritualists
   Dr Eben Alexander - Lecture 
                               1h 11m
  "Synthesis of Science and Spirituality" 
    Dr Raymond Moody 15m 21s   NDE Researcher speaks on Shared Death Experiences at IANDS Conference
   Surviving Death  12m 31s     Three accounts of NDE 

   Dr Peter Fenwick  23m11s

Wonderful lecture on Death & Dying. If you fear death, watch Dr Fenwick's talk. He is an eminent UK neuro-psychologist
    Dr Pim Van Lommel  38m 27s   Interesting summary of NDE by esteemed Dutch consultant neuro-physician
    Category:  Mediumship 
   Gordon Smith  7m40s   Private Sitting with this great Scottish medium

   Lisa Williams  8mins

  Evidential sittings with British medium
   Tony Stockwell  3m 21s    Excerpt from this British medium's stage demonstration
  Wisdom and Love from the Afterlife            17m30s     Teachings through direct voice medium Leslie Flint
  Category:  Experiences in Spiritualism
    SNU Film Channel (YouTube)   SNU films of mediumship and other fascinating material.  Check regularly for new additions.
   David Hopkins   17mins     SNU Minister interviewed on the Kevin Moore Show (Sky Channel 201)
   Arthur Findlay College on Vimeo     10m09s    Introduction to the College by tutors and students at Stansted Hall
     This Life, Next Life  53m56s
   Brilliant film by Keith Parsons featuring eminent scientists and others in a very well-structured case for survival.  Probably the best ever programme.
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  10mins This is a cine film of Sir Arthur in the year he passed to spirit.  He speaks of his writing and also his experience in Spiritualism.  
  Category: Physical Mediumship
  Afterlife Investigations  13mins The late Prof. David Fontana is interviewed about his investigations of the Scole Phenomena (Ignore the dramatic opening screens - only 45 secs!)
  Category: Spiritual Healing 
   Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary 10mins   Splendid introduction to Spiritual Healing at the Sanctuary

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