Calendar of Events

Sunday     20th:          6pm   Minister Suzanne Gibson-Foy - Higham Ferrers

Monday    21st:     7.30pm   Open Circle - 4

Tuesday   22nd:    7.30pm   Spiritual Healing Service

Saturday   26th:     7.30pm   Demonstration of Mediumship 5
                                                 Lorine McDonald - Leicester

Sunday     27th:           6pm   Patrick Carberry - Luton

Tuesday   29th:      7.30pm  Spiritual Healing Service

Saturday    2nd:  10.30am    
Mediumship Workshop   (to 4.30pm) 25
                                                   Marie Hayes -  Bedford    

Sunday       3rd:          6pm     Chrissie Atkins - Great Brington

Monday      4th:     7.30pm     Awareness Group - 4

Tuesday     5th:     7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service

Saturday    9th:     7.30pm     An Evening with Steve Holbrook - Leeds
All tickets are now sold 

Sunday    10th:           6pm    Daniel Robinson - Leicester

Tuesday  12th:      7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service

Wednesday 13th:  7.30pm    Demonstration of Mediumship 5
Chrissie Atkins - Great Brington

Sunday      17th:          6pm     Jon Beckwith - Northampton

Monday     18th:     7.30pm   Open Circle - 4

Tuesday   19th:      7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service

Saturday   23rd:     7.30pm    Demonstration of Mediumship 5
                                                    Darren German - Kingstanding, Birmingham

Sunday     24th:           6pm     Val Richardson - Buckingham

Tuesday   26th:      7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service


Saturday   2nd:    10am to 4pm  Introduction to Spiritualism - Roy Candy DSNU

Sunday  3rd:              6pm     Chris Jacobs - Stamford

Monday  4th:       7.30pm      Awareness Group - 4

Tuesday 5th:       7.30pm       Spiritual Healing Service

Saturday  9th:    10.30am to 4.30pm   WORKSHOP - Darren Brittain - Loughborough  25 

Sunday 10th:           6pm     Minister David Bruton - Tamworth

Tuesday 12th:    7.30pm    Spiritual Healing Service

Wednesday 13th:    7.30pm    Demonstration of Mediumship 5
                                                    Minister Suzanne Gibson-Foy - Higham Ferrers

Sunday 17th:           6pm      Peter Wilson CSNU - Stafford and Karen Parry - Crewe

Monday  18th:     7.30pm     Open Circle - 4

Tuesday 19th:     7.30pm    Spiritual Healing Service

Wednesday 20th:   7.30pm    CHURCH A.G.M.  

Sunday 24th:     6pm     Rachel Downs - Wolverhampton

Tuesday  26th:  7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service

Saturday 30th:  7.30pm     Demonstration of Mediumship 5
                                              Darren Turner - Nuneaton

Sunday 31st:       6pm     Karen Line-Jones OSNU - Tamworth



















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