Education in Spiritualism

Enquirers into Spiritualism have the opportunity to access many education courses either just for their own interest of to work towards an Award of the Spiritualists' National Union, although the latter are only available to Individual Members of the SNU.  Full details are available on the SNU website - please click on this link.  

A brief summary of some of the courses is given below:

General Interest

An Introduction to Spiritualism  This booklet is available for 5 from the SNU web site - click on

Aspiring Exponents

SD1 - Basic Speaking and Demonstrating  This is necessary for anyone who later wishes to apply for Certification as a Public Speaker or Demonstrator of Mediumship

 SD2 - The Phenomena of Spiritualism   This goes into greater depth about all the different forms of mediumship

SD3 -  The Teachings of Spiritualism   This goes into greater depth on the history, pioneers and philosophy of Spiritualism

SD4 -  Public Presentation    This course is essential for those who wish to apply for Certification in Public Speaking

D5 -  The Practice of Mediumship   This in depth study of mediumship is necessary for those who wish to apply for the Diploma in Demonstration

Spiritual Healing

There is information on this site if you are interested in becoming a healer - click HERE

H1 - Basic Healing  A pass at a minimum of B Grade in this course is the requirement for those who are enrolled as Trainee Healers and who, when they have completed the requirements for training may be assessed and appointed as Approved Healers of the SNU

H2 - Practice of Spiritual Healing     }   These courses are necessary to

H3 - Theory of Spiritual Healing       }   go for the  award of the Certificate

H4 - Basic Anatomy                          }    or Diploma     


The Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex, which is owned by the SNU, runs many courses on mediumship and related subjects on a residential basis. Click on the logo below:


The Arthur Findlay Centre at Stafford runs a variety of courses with the same tutors as the College.  Click on the logo below for details.

         Soon to be renamed: The Barbanell Conference Centre