Book Extract of the Month:  From Life in the World Unseen  - Robert Hugh Benson though the writing mediumship of Anthony Borgia.

Monsignor Benson is being guided by his old friend Edwin, along with a new-found friend Ruth.

 “Edwin told us that a very large majority of people are no sooner arrived in spirit than a burning enthusiasm overtakes them as the spirit world reveals itself to them in the new life, and they immediately want to rush back to the earth and tell the earth all about it.  He had already explained to me some of the difficulties in my own suggestion of returning.

I confessed, though, that there were many things about which I should very much like to know.  We had allowed our journeyings to bring forth their own problems for Edwin’s solution, but there were other considerations of a general nature which arose from the contemplation of spirit lands as a whole.  One of the first that arose to my mind as we sat on the grass with heavenly flowers around us was the extent of this realm in which we were now living.  It reached as far as the eye could see-and that was a great deal farther than we could ever see upon the earth-plane on the finest and clearest day in summer.

This itself was too wonderful for words, but it also gave an indication of the immensity of this particular realm – and we had only seen the tiniest fraction of it so far!  We still thought in terms of earthly distances. Was there any boundary to this realm?  Did it stretch still farther beyond the range of our vision? If there were any termination, what was beyond? Could we go and see for ourselves?   Certainly, there was a boundary to this realm, Edwin explained to us, and we could go and see it for ourselves whenever we wished.  Beyond this were other and still more realms.  Each soul as it passed into spirit passed into that realm for which it had fitted itself when upon the earth - into that realm and no other.  Edwin had in the beginning described this land as the land of the great harvest - a harvest that was sown on earth.

We could judge for ourselves, then, whether we considered that harvest a good one or a poor one. We should find that there were others infinitely better and others infinitely worse. In plain words, there are other realms immeasurably more beautiful than that in which we were now happily living, realms of surpassing beauty into which we cannot penetrate until such time as we have earned the right to enter, either as visitors or as inhabitants.  But though we may not pass into them, the glorious souls who dwell in them can come into realms of less celestial rarity and can visit us here.  Edwin himself had seen some of them, and we hoped to do so as well. Indeed, they constantly make visitations to consult and converse with the dwellers here, to give advice and help, to give rewards and commendations, and there was no doubt but my own matter could be placed before one of these master souls for his guidance upon it”