Book Extract of the Month: from The Bewildered Manís Guide to Death by M.H.Tester

                                                    What Am I?

Let us start at the beginning.  What are you?  Is your body you? No, you know it is not.  Your body is an interesting vehicle.  It walks and talks and sings and drives a car.  But it needs something within it to make it do all these things.  That something is your mind.  Is your mind you?  No, it is not.  Your mind controls your body.  It is the control room.  It sends messages to the muscles and to the blood and the glands.   Your brain is part of your body.  It is the most intricate part and the most important, but you can look at a brain in a glass jar.  Brains are just another part of the body. 
There is a third ingredient that has to be added to the mind and your body to make up you.  That ingredient is your spirit.  Your spirit is you.  Your mind and your body clothe your spirit when it is on earth.

Have you ever seen a dead body? Is this a person?  A man who loved, who lived, who composed music, who wrote great poetry, or invented, imagined, theorised, romanced?   You know it is not.  The one vital ingredient is missing. His spirit is no longer attached to his body.    Be assured you are composed of these three essential parts on this earth.  Your body, merely a vehicle you occupy for your journey in this world; your mind the control mechanism of your body; your spirit, which animates your mind and body and gives the whole life.

Only the mind and the body die.  The spirit is indestructible.  You are not a body and a mind which has a spirit.  You are a spirit being expressed through temporal mind and body.