Book Extract of the Month: from The Tapestry of Life by Marjorie Aarons through the mediumship of Lilian Bailey

 Lilian’s guide, Bill Wooton, gave an account to a sitter of the soul’s experiences immediately after death:

“You have the consciousness of leaving the physical body – this is a wonderful happening – if one passes on naturally.  You simply find yourself for a moment very well, very exhilarated. But your degree of spiritual understanding determines whether you are immediately conscious of where you are.

Average people are not really conscious at once of having awakened in the spirit world. They are usually met or even carried – according to the strength of the spirit, not the body, -- to the home of rest arranged for them, and suitable to their spiritual understanding. They may be there a few hours, a day or a week – again according to their spiritual growth and understanding – so that there is no shock to the soul.

I think, for instance, that when you eventually arrive here, you will immediately be aware of the fact that your mother, father and your guides are at your side.  There will be a hilarious meeting.

By that time, your soul, newly arrived and newly reborn, will be a little tired. You will be carried away. When I say ‘carried’, you will will probably just take a second to get where you are going with the kind of transportation at your disposal, and remain there for a while surrounded by6 great beauty.

Some people will find themselves in very drab circumstances.  They will be aware of birds singing even in the dullness of the difficult sections of life.  There is beauty around, but often they haven’t the eyes to see it.  It is all a question of spiritual wealth and understanding.   You may be very poor, yet when you come to our world, lavishly rich in spiritual wealth and strength.  Material well-being has nothing to do with your spiritual growth.  It is being at one with the Maker, not piously, but knowing in your soul that ‘My Father and I are one’.  It’s the at-one-ment that brings the power immediately after death.”