Northampton National Spiritualist Church 
89 St Michael's Road  Northampton  NN1 3JT  




National Spiritualists accept
Seven Principles   

   ALL of the events advertised on this website are open to the public.  You are very welcome to attend.


NEXT   Demonstration of Mediumship

Saturday 25th November at 7.30pm to 9pm - 5 on the door

Rachel Casson of Cambridge




Divine Service

Sunday 26th November at 6pm to 7.15pm 

Hayley Copp of Northampton


Thought for the Month . .  " I want you to know it's be dead. But we are not the dead ones, you are the dead ones...because you are only firing on two cylinders. I want so much to tell you about a world where everybody is out to create a greater sense of love and harmony...."
Post-mortem communication of Jim Pike to his father Bishop James Pike. (The Other Side)