Northampton National Spiritualist Church 
89 St Michael's Road  Northampton  NN1 3JT   


National Spiritualists accept the following Seven Principles

The Seven Principles 
The Fatherhood of God
The Brotherhood of Man
The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul
Personal Responsibility
Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all
the good and evil deeds done on earth
Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul


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Demonstration of Mediumship

Medley of Mediums 

Saturday 1st April at 7.30pm Tickets 10


          Rachel Casson -  Hayley Copp  -  Darren Turner

Tickets can be booked on-line at  + 1 booking fee


Divine Service
Sunday 2nd April at 6pm

Nicola Harvey of Oakham



 Darren Turner of Burton Latimer
 Saturday 6th May: 10.30am to 4.30pm  25   
Please book at Church


Thought for the Month . . .  At some future day it will be proved, I cannot say when and where, that the human soul is, while in earth life, already in an uninterrupted communication with those living in another world.  Immanuel Kant - German philosopher  (1724 - 1804)