Calendar of Events

Tuesday 12th:    7.30pm    Spiritual Healing Service

Wednesday 13th:    7.30pm   Demonstration of Mediumship 5
                                                 Minister Suzanne Gibson-Foy - Higham Ferrers

Sunday 17th:           6pm      Service with Ann Fordham - Cambridge

Monday  18th:     7.30pm     Open Circle - 4

Tuesday 19th:     7.30pm    Spiritual Healing Service

Wednesday 20th:   7.30pm    CHURCH A.G.M.  

Sunday 24th:     6pm      Service with Rachel Downs - Wolverhampton

Tuesday  26th:  7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service

Saturday 30th:  7.30pm     Demonstration of Mediumship 5
                                            Darren Turner - Nuneaton

Sunday 31st:       6pm     Service with Karen Line-Jones OSNU - Tamworth


Monday 1st:  7.30pm   Awareness Group - 4 

Tuesday  2nd:  7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service  

Sunday  7th:    6pm    Service with Denise Byrne - Sharnbrook, Beds.

Tuesday  9th:  7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service 

Wednesday 10th: 7.30pm   Demonstration of Mediumship 5
                                                 Nicola Harvey - Loughborough

Sunday 14th:   6pm    Service with Jenni Gomes CSNU - Huntingdon

Monday 15th:  7.30pm   Open Circle - 4

Tuesday  16th:  7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service 

Saturday 20th:  7.30pm    Demonstration of Mediumship  
                                                Donna Stewart - Stamford
Tickets 10 from Church or on-line at  (1 booking fee)

Sunday 21st:    6pm   Service with Alison Stead - Oakham

Tuesday  23rd:  7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service  

Saturday 27th:  7.30pm   Demonstration of Mediumship 5
                                                Lynn Murray CSNU - Bourneville, Birmingham

Sunday 28th:  6pm   Service with Jennifer Pickton - Letchworth

Tuesday 30th:  7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service  

Sunday 5th:     6pm    Service with Marie Hayes - Bedford

Monday 6th:   No Awareness Group (Bank Holiday)  see 13th May

Tuesday 7th:  7.30pm     Spiritual Healing Service  

Wednesday 8th:  7.30pm   Demonstration of Mediumship 5
                                                Lorine McDonald - Leicester

Saturday  11th:   10.30am to 4.30pm    Workshop:  Donna Stewart - Stamford (click for details)   25 

Sunday 12th:   6pm       Service with Nicola Harvey - Loughborough

Monday 13th:  7.30pm    Awareness Group - 4

Tuesday 14th:  7.30pm   Spiritual Healing Service

Saturday 18th:  7.30pm   TRANCE Demonstration 
                                           Robert Goodwin - Kidderminster  
Tickets 10 from Church

Sunday 19th:   6pm          Service with Darren German - Kingstanding, Birmingham

Monday 20th:  7.30pm   Open Circle - 4

Tuesday 21st:  7.30pm    Spiritual Healing Service

Saturday 25th:  7.30pm    Demonstration of Mediumship 5
                                                Karen Line-Jones OSNU - Tamworth

Sunday 26th:  6pm         Service with West Midlands Students

Tuesday 28th:  7.30pm    Spiritual Healing Service


Sunday   2nd:  6pm       Jim and Jenny Green - Halesowen

Monday 3rd:  7.30pm     Awareness Group - 4

Tuesday 4th:  7.30pm    Spiritual Healing Service

Sunday  9th:  6pm      Service with Wendy Dixon -  Saltburn-by-the Sea

Tuesday 11th:  7.30pm    Spiritual Healing Service

Wednesday 12th:  7.30pm    Demonstration of Mediumship - 5
                                                    Darren Turner - Nuneaton

Saturday 15th:     10am to 2pm    Private Sittings -  Denise Byrne - Sharnbrook

Sunday 16th:   6pm      Service with Helen Scott - Milton Keynes

Monday 17th:  7.30pm    Open Circle - 4

Tuesday 18th:  7.30pm      Spiritual Healing Service

Sunday 23rd:   6pm      Service with Ann Fordham - Cambridge

Tuesday 25th:  7.30pm  Spiritual Healing Service

Saturday 29th  7.30pm    Demonstration of Mediumship 5
                                             Marie Hayes - Bedford

Sunday 30th:   6pm       Service with Caroline Copson - Spratton